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Alloy development is at the very heart of what we do. Our contributions to a myriad of industries, including aerospace, power generation, and chemical processing continue to establish Haynes International as an innovative leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of HASTELLOY and HAYNES highperformance alloys. Haynes Alloy No. 31 X 40 ASTM InternationalHaynes Alloy No. 31 X40 .RIS For RefWorks, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, Zoteo, and many others. . DOCX For Microsoft Word. Like Haynes Alloy No. 21, this alloy is usually used in the form of investment castings. This alloy has very good hightemperature endurance properties, and its modulus of electicity does not drop off as rapidly at elevated temperatures as it does for many other alloys. Pipe and TubingHAYNES Ti3Al2.5V alloy Ti3Al2.5V alloy was developed for aircraft hydraulicand fuel systems transmission lines, primarily because of its high strengthtoweight ratio. Thisratio proved to be a major design advantage when used for hydraulic tubing lines, providing required strength levels, but more importantly, reducing weight by as much ... Locations and DirectionsHAYNES 75 alloy HAYNES 188 alloy ... Haynes International, Inc. ... Phone: 33 0 1 34 48 31 00 Fax: 33 1 34 48 31 52 email: ...

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The ASTM B434 specifications is normally in the Haynes242 strip alloy. ASTM B435 Description: The ASTM B435 specification is used for the alloys UNS N06002, N06230, N12160, and R30556, which can be in the form of strip, sheet, and rolled plate, and is commonly used in general corrosive and heat resistance applications. Each piece is required to undergo chemical composition testing for Titanium, Boron, Nitrogen, Lanthanum, Zirconium, Aluminum, Tantalum, Columbium, Sulfur, Phosphorus ... HAYNES 230 alloy new.haynesintl.comFor dissimilar metal joining of 230 alloy to nickel, cobalt, or iron base materials, 230W filler wire, HAYNES 556 alloy AWS A5.9 ER3556, AMS 5831, HASTELLOY S alloy AMS 5838 or HASTELLOY W alloy AMS 5786, 5787 welding products may all be considered, depending upon the particular case.

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