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Sintered AlNiCo permanent magnet material properties

ATA AlNiCo 35/5 11800 1180 650 50 670 55 4.60 37 AF AlNiCo 30/6 11000 1100 720 55 755 60 4.00 32 AFA AlNiCo 26/6 10000 1000 750 60 800 65 3.40 27 ANISOTROPIC HIGH COERCIVITY MATERIALS TYPICAL MAGNETIC PROPERTIES. SGM Designation IEC Designation Remanence Normal Coercivity Intrinsic Coercivity Maximum Energy Product ALNICO MAGNETS PRAMIZAlnico and Ticonal magnets are metallic permanent magnets based of Fe, Al, Ni, Co, Cu and Ti alloy They have fairly high remanence Br and high energy product B.Hmax, low temperature coefficient of remanence 0.02/C, high Curietemperature 850C and maximum temperature of use 450C. Alnico Magnets Eclipse MagneticsAlnico Magnetic Materials. Alnico magnets have the best temperature coefficients of any magnet material. Alnico magnets are a best choice in extremely high temperature applications. Alnico magnets are Cast or Sintered. They are an alloy of Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt hence the term AlNiCo. Alnico Magents High Performance Magnets by Thomas amp Skinner IncTodays composition of alnico alloys is typically 812 Al, 1526 Ni, 524 Co, up to 6 Cu, up to 1 Ti, with the balance being Fe. In addition to varying the alloy composition, specialized casting techniques can be used to achieve unique crystalline grain orientation. Examples of this are alnico 57 and 9.

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Sintered Alnico 8B, 8H amp Unoriented Sintered Alnico 8 Magnetic and Physical Properties Typical Values Transverse Coefficient Electrical Tensile Modulus of of Thermal Hardness Density Resistivity Strength Rupture Expansion Rockwell C lb./in.3 gr/cm3 25 C cm PSI N/mm2 PSI N/mm2 per C x 106 Sint. Alnico 8B 0.252 6.98 53 55000 380 ... Alnico WikipediaThe composition of alnico alloys is typically 812 Al, 1526 Ni, 524 Co, up to 6 Cu, up to 1 Ti, and the balance is Fe. The development of alnico began in 1931, when T. Mishima in Japan discovered that an alloy of iron, nickel, and aluminium had a coercivity of 400 oersteds 32 kA/m, double that of the best magnet steels of the time.

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